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Easy, simply navigate to our ‘Get Started‘ page, select the template and follow the prompts to make your purchase. If interested in a custom instance, navigate to the ‘Custom Template‘ page and follow the prompts to make your purchase.

For Pro subscribers, please note you will be redirected to the Pro Registration and Installation Instruction page after payment.

For Custom purchasers, please note you will be redirected to the Custom next steps page and will also receive a follow-up email from ageverify.info@gmail.com within 24 hours of purchase.

Pro subscriptions will attempt to auto-renew on their annual renewal date. If however your payment information has changed, you can renew directly on our website here: https://ageverify.co/pro-renewal/
Yes! We’ve done multi-language prompts for numerous customers and have a number of creative approaches to this based on your unique requirements.

Want more info? Drop us a note with the email form.

Yes! In fact, we have a few video background templates available in our ‘Get Started‘ gallery and have done numerous video background custom AgeVerify instances for clients.
Our plugin does not conflict or harm your SEO efforts in any manner. Here is why:

  1. Our plugin logic is built entirely in JavaScript. JavaScript is a browser side language (as opposed to server side) and is completely ignored by search engine crawlers.
  2. Our plugin does not stop your page from loading. In fact, AgeVerify will not load until every element on your page has loaded first. AgeVerify then works as an ‘overlay’ on top of your website. This allows search engine crawlers to always be able to fully ‘see’ your website content.
  3. Our plugin does not redirect users away to a specific age verification page. As mentioned above, we use an overlay approach, rather than redirecting your users to a specific page just for age verification. Taking this approach ensures we are not artificially increasing your ‘abandonment rate’ which is an important metric captured by search engines.
No, we do not guarantee or provide a warranty that underage visitors will be unable to access your website.

Our product allows you to provide a great looking, full screen prompt to notify your website visitors, of the age or date of birth requirements you have established for permissible entry in to your website. We can not prevent users from entering in false data to gain entry, nor do we validate their data against a third party database such as drivers licensing or social security.

We strive to respond to all emails and inquiries within 24 hours. If you emailed us, or submitted info on our Contact Us page and have not received a reply, please be sure to check your spam or junk folder. To ensure you receive our response, please add ageverify.info@gmail.com to your contacts.
After payment you should have been redirected to the Pro Registration & Installation Instructions page. If that failed to happen, please contact us using the form on this page.
Simply drop us a note using the form on this page. Be sure to provide your website URL as well as the email address associated with your payment / subscription.